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Interested in becoming a stallholder?

If you are interested in becoming a stallholder at the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market please fill in the form below. There is a strict criteria for attending Edinburgh Farmers’ Market and this will be decided not only by your location and product(s) but also on an individual basis. Please note we pay special attention to your location and if you are a primary or secondary producer. No imported or secondary retail goods will be allowed at the market. You must either be a local farmer or make goods using local farm produce.

If you meet the criteria this does not automatically enable you to attend the market as every application is dealt with individually and there are also established stallholders. Primary produce in the EH postcode will take priority. If we feel there is enough of a particular product we will add any application to a waiting list. All fish or meat producers are considered high turnover with no exception.

Please allow a minimum of two weeks for a response. Please refer to the criteria for more information.

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