With the evenings getting colder we investigate what makes the perfect roasties, with Jacqueline O’Donnell chef/proprietor of The Sisters Restaurant & Mark Bush of Summer Harvest.
The Perfect Roast Tatties

The Perfect Roast Tatties

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There is no denying that roast potatoes are an integral part of any roast dinner, be it lamb, beef, turkey or a vegetarian roast dinner but for many the roast potatoes are the best bit of all.

We all have our own way of making roast tatties. This differs in terms of oven temperature, boiling time, edge fluffing and fat / oil used, however we all crave for a crunchy, golden shell with a fluffy steamy middle. There certainly is no denying that roast potatoes are the perfect winter comfort food.

A common theme seems to appear in many chefs recommendations for ‘The Perfect Roast Potatoes’.  Firstly the variety of potato is important and a dry potato such as Maris Piper or Rooster are great varieties for roasting. Secondly always put the potatoes into hot oil (they will soak up less fat and will crisp up better) and for extra crispy roast potatoes, after par boiling shake the pan to roughen up the outside of the potatoes.

That leads us onto what fat or oil to use. Goose fat has often been recommended to make the perfect roast potato due to its high burning point but a Perthshire produced oil is quickly following in its footsteps as the ideal ingredient to make The Perfect Roast Potato. Indeed Jacqueline O’Donnell from The Sisters Restaurant in Glasgow would recommend using Summer Harvest Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil.

Mark Bush from Summer Harvest said, ‘Due to its light nutty flavour and extremely high burn point, cold pressed rapeseed oil is now being widely used by high profile chefs to make roast potatoes. It also has the added benefit of being one of the healthiest oils on the market.’


The Perfect Roast Tatties

By Jacqueline O’Donnell chef/proprietor of The Sisters Restaurant in Glasgow

Like most of “Big Sis” recipes using superb produce in turn gives excellent results! Now it’s not a case of quantity, as much as who is coming for dinner? Try to aim for 150g/6oz/person we all know we like our tatties here in Scotland and Summer Harvest Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil gives you that edge so you are guaranteed to have pinched a few before they have made the table!!



Rooster Tatties, about: 150g / 6 oz per person

Summer Harvest Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil: a generous couple of glugs.

Sea salt



  1. – Pre heat the oven to 200oC / 400oF / gas 6.
  2. – Heat the rapeseed oil in a roasting tray on the top shelf of the oven until very hot.
  3. – Cut the tatties into even sizes, you do not even need to peel them.
  4. – Place the tatties in a pan, don’t tell your granny but pour boiling water over them and boil for 8mins
  5. – Drain off the liquid but remember save some of the liquid for gravy.
  6. – Either put the tatties into a sieve, colander or back in the pot with the lid on.
  7. – You need to duff them up by giving them a good shake to flake the edges, looking quite powdery round the edge (that’s for the crispy bit)
  8. – Take the roasting tray from oven and place it on the hot stove top.
  9. – Put the tatties in tray and coat all with the rapeseed oil to prevent sticking.
  10. – Now pop them into the oven, close the oven door and leave for 45mins. (You don’t need to turn them!!)
  11. – Have the table ready with everything there including your guests. Sprinkle with salt and take the oven tray straight to table.



Mark from Summer Harvest attends Edinburgh Farmers’ Market on the third Saturday of every month.

Photo by Leon Brocard